Mr. Vipul Patel

He has more than 5.5 years of experience in theatre. Being a student, he has directed many entertaining & meaningful short plays at a class level and has got appreciations for many of his solo & group performances.
Being a Faculty, he understands the difficulties faced by the beginners and guides them to overcome those difficulties; and gradually, tries to take them to the level so that they can stand in the competitive professional acting field and explore their best opportunities in the industry.
He teaches acting in the customized way along with the latest techniques & exercises. He will help a student to identify his acting potential and how to groom it. He teaches the students to act naturally and how to live a character under unreal situations.

According to him, Theatre can get one…

Versatility of playing different characters with ease

Ability to create an imaginary world without actual props / location

Ability to perform in one-go without any retake

And this is the strength, an actor can have who has groomed through the medium of theatre. That is why theatre is considered as an excellent starting platform for learning acting. And then, that actor can be groomed for the mediums of Television & Film by teaching the technicalities in a systematic way.

He believes an actor, who respects his character to be performed, can perform that character justifiably. And also, acting is an art which can, not only, bring fame & money; but, it can also mature one as a human being & can make one more understandable about himself and about the world.

NOTE: For “Actor and Camera” session, an expert trainer will come along with a camera. He has a vast experience in making short films & documentaries.