Acting Workshop

Our Acting Workshop will work both on basic as well as advanced level of learning acting. It is designed for Enthusiastic beginners, Participants having some knowledge about acting & Struggling actors.
For all Struggling actors, the workshop will refresh their acting skills & add grace in their acting.
The workshop will help you to bring out your inner hidden talent and develop the creative potential in the art of acting.

The syllabus is prepared to give you a professional edge, keeping aside your fears of audience or camera and to prepare for all 3 mediums of acting viz. Stage, Television & Film. It will include many solo & group exercises.

The workshop will be conducted on the following & many other topics through quality teaching by way of Theoretical knowledge & Practical exercises;

• Meaning of actingmovie-clap
• Method acting
• Concentration
• Creative observation
• Body language
• Imagination
• Spot memory
• Flexibility at body & flexibility at mind
• Mime (the technique of suggesting action, character or emotion without words)
• Physical stamina
• Alexander technique
• Dictionvideo-shooting-250x250
• Nine emotions & Five senses
• Monologue
• Scene study
• Character building
• Sense memory
• Clowning
• Audition techniques
• Improvisation
• Short acts/ Plays
• Actor & Camera (types of shots, shot division, camera angle, camera movement, actor marks, etc. & camera acting)

Also, it will include exercises to understand physical sensations around the emotional events & basic instinct of any character. This can make an actor’s performance charismatic.

Method Acting has been described as having “revolutionized American Theatre” & was the first systemized training that, also, developed internal abilities (sensory, psychological and emotional).

Actor and Camera: These practical sessions with camera will help the students to understand various technical aspects of television & film acting.

How an Actor needs to work?

The human being who acts is the human being who lives. That is a terrifying circumstance. Essentially the actor acts a fiction, a dream; in life the stimuli to which we respond are always real. The actor must constantly respond to stimuli that are imaginary. And yet this must happen not only just as it happens in life, but actually more fully and more expressively. Although the actor can do things in life quite easily, when he has to do the same thing on the stage under fictitious conditions he has difficulty because he is not equipped as a human being merely to playact at imitating life. He must somehow believe. He must somehow be able to convince himself of the rightness of what he is doing in order to do things fully on the stage.

The Actor should be completely carried away by the play, not noticing how he feels, not thinking about what he does, and it all moves of its own accord, subconsciously and intuitively.

To be an actor, one has to understand physical sensations around the emotional events. And that can make his performance charismatic.

Acting has been meant as living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.


► Acting is taught approach based i. e. The approach for teaching will differ from individual to individual as everybody has his different abilities & interests.

► Acting is taught in a customized way with different techniques & exercises so that class by class a student can boost his confidence & get ready for the competitive professional acting field. We understand the difficulties faced by the beginners & guide them to overcome those difficulties.

► Workshop sessions are more focused on practical work than the theoretical. Because while you perform practically, you will get to know about your mistakes and areas to be improved from your classmates & faculty. This can lead you not to repeat those mistakes and gradually, improve acting skills.

► The syllabus of our Acting Workshop has been prepared based on conventional methods and current trends adopted universally.

► The syllabus covers various aspects of learning acting. It contains many solo & group activities. It also contains a mock Audition Session to give the students the idea & experience about how the audition happens.

► Limited number of students per batch confirms personal attention to each.

► Our in-house faculty has years of experience in theatre and know minute details of the craft of teaching. He will help a student to identify his acting potential & how to groom it. He teaches the students to act naturally & how to live a character under unreal situations.

► We provide expert advise and counseling to all our students on how to move forward in professional acting field(i. e. related to auditions, portfolio making, etc.).

► Interested participants may get an opportunity to be a part of our Hindi Commercial Plays.

► It is accepted that the theatre workshops help for overall personality development of individuals. Also, it will be helpful for improving your creative thinking power, group work skills & self awareness.


► Basic knowledge of Hindi and English is essential.