About Us


We are a team from the diverse fields of entertainment industry viz. Acting, Short film & documentary making, Writing, etc. We are dedicated to the art of acting and contribute our creativity to promote the industry and to provide wholesome family entertainment. We have made documentaries & short films based on family drama, comedy, thriller and social awareness.

We organize Acting Workshop to polish new talent for all three mediums of entertainment viz. Stage, Television and Film.

We believe if you are committed to give result as per your talent, you should have first and foremost a wish for it. Then you are required to be trained for honing your skills. Therefore, we have formulated a determined capsule named “Galaxy Theatre & Acting Academy” to discover your strengths as an entertainer and train you to give a professional edge.

After holding small batches successfully at initial stage, we have started our professional acting training course on a large canvas as there is no dearth of untapped talent, waiting to be discovered and guided.

At GALAXY, we believe the task of our generation is to liberate art of acting from outmoded tradition, from tired cliché and to give greater freedom to imagination and creative ability. Also, one should look to create his own method and make up something that will work for him.