3 Month Weekend Acting Workshop

The workshop is designed for Enthusiastic beginners, Experienced ones & Struggling actors. It will help you to develop the creative potential in the art of acting.

The syllabus is prepared to give you a professional edge, keeping aside your fears of audience or camera & to prepare you for all 3 mediums of entertainment industry viz. Stage, Television & Film. It will include many solo & group exercises.

The workshop will be conducted on many topics through quality teaching by way of Theoretical knowledge & Practical exercises(as mentioned in our “Acting Workshop” page).

Also, it will include exercises to understand physical sensations around the emotional events & basic instinct of any character. This can make an actor’s performance charismatic.

Theatre is an excellent starting medium for learning acting. And then, an individual can be groomed for the mediums of Television & Film by teaching the technicalities in a systematic way.

How to Face Camera
(Learning Acting Technically for T.V. & Cinema)

Understanding camera, lights & blocking of the movements (character & the camera) as per the latest techniques helps the actor a lot while working on screen. Also, basics of shot taking & direction techniques help to perform at best of one’s talent.

Though, the basics of acting always remains the same but without proper knowledge of technical aspects, even a capable actor might fall flat as the medium differs from Stage to T.V. or Films.

A good stage actor might fail to give expected results in front of a camera. He might appear too loud if proportion of distance between him & camera is not kept in mind. Moreover, even audience (i. e. camera) & lights are not static like stage audience. Similarly, T.V./ Cine artist might give a similar kind of disappointing results on stage. So, understanding the three mediums i. e. Stage, T.V. & Films & moulding the performance style for the same becomes really essential for any professional actor.